A Commercial and Residential Cleaning Company You Can Trust

About Us

Royale Cleaning is a property maintenance and janitorial service operating in Chicago, Illinois. We offer our wide variety of cleaning services to both commercial and residential properties.

Our company is Black-owned and we’ve been on the scene since 2008. In that time, we’ve developed a strong reputation for being an affordable, thorough, quick-response service which is highly recommended across Chicago.

We believe this can be attributed to a couple of reasons:

The first is the diverse list of services that we work hard to personally cater to the needs of your home or place of business. We do everything from general office cleaning to post-construction cleanup and any other job in between.

It can be either a one-time cleaning service or recurring depending on what you need. If you need one job for a specific occasion we've got you covered, or if you want a bi-weekly or monthly service, we can do that too.

And the second reason we come so highly recommended is our commitment to our 5 Rs:

● Ready
● Reliable
● Reasonable
● Rapid
● Renew

We have a licensed cleaning crew made up of insured, bonded and extensively trained workers, and all of them understand the importance of these five primary virtues.

A top-notch cleaning service should have employees who are well-trained and experienced, and which uses only the best equipment and the best cleaning materials available right now, but it goes beyond that.

The real key to expert cleaning is a desire to achieve complete customer satisfaction. So that’s why our mops and buckets are not our focus at Royale Cleaning. Our focus is you.

We believe in morals, integrity and putting the needs of the customer before everything else. Those 5 Rs aren’t just a marketing tool, those are the principles that we live by.

If you invite us into your home, that is something that we greatly appreciate and it’s not a responsibility that we will take lightly.

So if you want the most affordable, versatile and committed cleaning service in Chicago, look no further than Royale Cleaning.